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January 06, 2021.

The massive logistical job of safely distributing Covid-19 vaccines across Australia is a step closer to execution with the federal government’s move to sign distribution contracts with Linfox and DHL Supply Chain.

Federal health minister Greg Hunt announced that the two logistic giants will undertake the distribution of the vaccine from March this year, while Accenture will provide tracking of vaccine doses and overall program implementation monitoring, and PwC will partner with the Department of Health for the vaccine rollout.

DHL and Linfox will work with the government to design and operate a national distribution network that supports vaccination for all, including people in rural, remote, very remote and other hard-to-reach areas.

The companies will also be required to track and report the temperature of the vaccine at all times.

The required temperature could be 2 to 8 degrees (standard cold chain temperatures) to as low as minus 70, which is needed for the Pfizer vaccine.

Purpose-built dry ice containers will be supplied for moving the vaccine around Australia, as part of the government’s distribution deal with Pfizer.

As well as transporting the vaccines from the point of acceptance from manufacturers to vaccination administration sites, the logistics partners will be responsible for transport and management of vaccination supplies such as needles, syringes, and personal protective equipment.

“Linfox’s cold chain network includes temperature-controlled distribution centres and cross-dock facilities across Australia, and a world-class fleet with industry-leading safety and temperature-controlled features including temperature tracking and the highest security standards,” Linfox executive chairman Peter Fox says in a statement.

“With our ‘Together, Stronger’ approach, Linfox will partner with other great Australian businesses such as Australia Post/Startrack and Qantas to deliver a world-class solution for all Australians no matter where they reside.

“We look forward to working closely with the Australian Government’s Department of Health, as well as Accenture, PwC and DHL to design and operate a national cold chain distribution network that will safely support Australia’s ongoing response to the Covid-19 pandemic.” 

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